Local Service and Missions

State College Food Bank

Oakwood has an ongoing food collection ministry to help members of our community. Members and visitors are encouraged to bring their non-perishable food donations to the church, where a collection area is set up in the Fellowship Hall. In 2016, Oakwood collected 136 lbs of food for the State College Area Food Bank, and we hope to contribute even more in 2017. Donations are taken to the State College Food Bank as they are received. A monthly food needs list is posted by the food bank collection bin, and can also be found on the State College Food Bank website.


Meals Ministry

Want to touch someone's life in a very practical way? As people within our church body are affected by medical difficulties, childbirth, moving, death, etc., the Meals Ministry team members show love and concern by taking them nourishing meals. We would be thrilled to have you join the team of those who make and deliver meals to others in the church!

Please contact Alison Amaismeier at if you would like to be added as a member of the Meals Ministry team. Each time a need arises, an email message is sent to the people on the team, and those who are able to serve sign up to prepare and deliver meals to those in need. There is no limit to the number of people who can sign up to be on the Meals Ministry team. Thanks so much for those who contribute to this important ministry!


ICF International Dinners

Throughout the Penn State academic year, Oakwood works with a campus group called International Christian Fellowship to provide food for their weekly Friday night dinners served to the international student community at Penn State. Every week, over 80 students gather to share a meal and partake in classes educating them on different aspects of American culture - from traditions to English idioms to PSU football, the students are introduced to life in America. Individuals at Oakwood have prepared food, served the meal and spent time getting to know these students since 2008. We are always looking for new faces. Please contact the Oakwood ICF Coordinator if you would like to participate.


English as a Second Language (ESL)

Oakwood offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes on Thursday nights from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM from September through April. The class schedule is posted here: sites.google.com/view/OakwoodEnglish. Members of the State College community attend weekly sessions and are placed into four proficiency levels ranging from basic beginners to advanced. There is no charge for the classes but the books cost $20.  If you are interested in signing up for a class or volunteering to teach, please e-mail Jonathan Lehtonen at  .


Pregnancy Resource Clinic (PRC)

Oakwood partners with the Pregnancy Resource Clinic (PRC) of State College to minister to the physical and spiritual needs resulting from the effects of sin on human sexual behavior. The scope of the PRC ministries include pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, abortion alternatives counseling, post-abortion counseling, materials assistance, STD testing and treatment, education and more. The PRC provides training and opportunities for people to volunteer, support, and donate to spreading the message that all life matters to God, and also to us! To find out more, visit the PRC website at www.scprc.com or contact Josh Troxell at .


Oakwood Service Team

The Oakwood Service Team provides helps with small building, maintenance and clean up projects for individuals and organizations in need. The team does approximately one project/month. 



Each spring, Oakwood partners with a coalition of local churches through CityServe to serve individuals and groups within the community who need help with small building, maintenance, and cleanup projects. This years dates are May 20 and 21.